Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Voices have been silent...

We’re currently enjoying a much-needed vacation in California. We’ve done all kinds of eating, sleeping, eating, playing with infants, and eating. I’ve got plenty of stories about the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest and driving across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, but they’ll have to await our return. Just typing this much has made me ready for a nap by the beach.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Big news...

I’m happy to report that everyone’s favorite minor league catcher, Wally Rosa, has earned hisself a promotion! (See “A Weekend in ‘Bama” below) That’s right, only in the wacky world of minor league baseball can a man be rewarded for hitting .111 in 18 at bats at AA. The reward? A trip to AAA Charlotte. Someone was making Knight moves and Wally was the happy beneficiary. Wally has greeted his good fortune by picking up right where he left off, but not quite. He’s gone a cool 0 for 10 in five games for the Knights, with one strikeout, no walks, and one very mysterious stolen base. (In my baseball career, I found it very difficult to steal bases if you’re never on base, which I never was. I also found it very difficult to steal bases because I wasn’t fast. I once misread a sign, thought the coach was giving me the steal sign, and got thrown out by 8 to 10 feet. Turns out he was giving me the “For the love of God, you’ve never been on base, don't get such a large lead, you’re going to get picked off, put your left foot on the bag and hopefully this guy hits a homerun and doesn’t lap you on his homerun trot” sign. I think I got mixed up when he went ear-belt-hat.) So, keep up the good work faithful citizens of blogdom. Your goodwill got Wally a promotion—honestly, looking at his stats, what else could explain it—so why stop now? Let’s get this man in Chicago by the end of the season!

P.S. Happy Bono's birthday! Celebrate appropriately, with a pint of Guinness and a donation to DATA.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A random return...

I’m happy to be back. This semester has been, shall we say, demanding. Now, I’m glad to report, it’s over. Pretty much. One easy final and a little bit of reading to go. The big thing is that my beast of a paper is finished. I spent a stunning number of hours researching and writing for my 19 page single-spaced, 105 footnote opus. I feel lighter now. I’m not, actually any lighter because I’ve been planted on my butt writing a paper for the last week, but I feel lighter. So, that’s a pleasant deception.

Recently, while reading through Writer’s Digest, I saw a poll. Apparently, some number cruncher guy measured “The Most Literate Cities in America.” He took into account number of booksellers, level of educational attainment, Internet resources, library resources, newspaper circulation and periodical publications for each of the 69 largest cities in the country. Here’s the fascinating part: the bottom city on the list? Stockton, California, or a place I affectionately refer to as “home.” Yup, my hometown. So, basically, the fact that I can write any entries at all in this space, and that anyone I knew before the age of 22 can read them, is pretty much miraculous. Maybe this helps explain why the comments from the Stockton contingent are sparse.

Also, in other news, my wife is stellar. She has been reaping the rewards of her dedication lately. For example, she was honored by the RAs at University of North Texas as the Most Supportive Hall Director, followed closely by her bosses voting her the Most Outstanding Hall Director. She's a star.

She’s also wicked funny. Check out this bathtub brainstorm on her blog. Contribute if you can. Laugh as much as you like. But, by all means, vote for your favorite. We will have no more of the voyeurs!

That’s all for today. I have to ease my way back in. Can’t rush these things.

But, before I go, it’s the return of Word of the Day!

Word of the Day:

bloviate (blow-vee-ate), verb, to speak or write in a boastful manner

How ironic that the word actually sounds like that which it defines! Stunning! Bonus that it sounds vaguely like some sort of gastrinal issue that effects millions of elderly white males during their golf games in Florida. Also, it sounds like a really run together description of what someone drinking carrot juice does when they hear a funny joke. As you can see, the word has unlimited potential.

Yes, folks, it’s good to be back.