Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 9

Top 8:

Funny how much less dangerous Mauer seems in this spot aa opposed to last inning: leading off with no one on base and a five-run lead. Let him swing away. See, in this spot, that hit is no big deal.

Good to see Joba getting loose. Let him throw the 9th, get his bullpen feet back under him. (Unrelated note: don't they issue new hats for the postseason? Seriously, Joba? Your lid looks like it's mid-August and you're still working the one you got in spring training.)

Hughes could use a double play here. Although that strikeout was pretty nice, too. Good work, kid.

Good to see Tex brought his leather to work. A one pitch night for Coker...give way to Joba! Two pitches and he's out of the 8th!

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 8

Bottom 7:

A-Rod drives in another run! Could it be that the demons are really behind him?

Between Jeet and A-Rod, this offense is rolling! And that doesn't even factor in Swisher and Matsui. If Tex gets going, too, this is going to be special!

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 7

Top 7:

CC. So good. I've read some who suggest the Yanks have pitching issues, but when this guy can throw multiple starts in any series this fall, I'd say they're in good shape.

I'd love to see Girardi let him finish this inning, but there's no reason to let it get hairy, either. Cannot let the tying run come to the plate.

Posada's work behind the plate tonight has been an adventure. Good block, but then...what happened?

Nice throw from Swisher on Span's fly ball. Even nicer cheer from the Bronx faithful as CC leaves the game.

Here comes Hughesy.

I like Hughesy's approach to OC: climb the ladder, go 95 in his eyes, but he's gotta drop the hammer. (Phil Coke warming...Nick Turturro is dying right now.) Full count...CAN'T let Mauer come to the plate here. C'mon Phil! TAKE THAT! Done.

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 6

Middle 6:

This is what CC cashes the big checks for, folks. 19 wins were nice, but this is the Yankees and everything's a prelude to this month. And this is what October used to feel like. It's good to be back to normal.

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 5

Bottom 5:

A-Rod gets off the o-fer! Nicely done. I think I'm even happier than Kate Hudson.

And Matsui! Wow! Crushed!

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 4

Middle five:

Looks like it.

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 3

After five:

This is why the Yankees lineup is so tough. The number 8 hitter is just as likely to get a clutch hit as anyone else. Nick Swisher. Yes, please.

Let's see if CC rebounds now and gets some momentum here.

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 2

Bottom three:

So, the top of the third sucked. A squeezed strike zone leads to a couple of hits which lead to a run. A passed ball leads to another run?! CC's thrown a lot of pitches already, but I expect he's ready toss 110 or so, if needed.

Joe Mauer is really good at this.

But, so is Derek Jeter. Bomb! This is how they do it in the NYC. There's a real possibility they could pile on here and put this thing away early, allowing CC to settle down a bit.

Or not. Tie game.

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 1

Bottom two:

So far, the Yanks look good. Good to see CC work out of the first inning trouble. As long as they can neutralize Mauer, the Twins lineup doesn't strike much fear. It would be great if he could go 7, then Joe can go to Hughes and Rivera.

Love that Jeet smoked the first pitch for a hit. As an overall strategy, however, I think they need to work deep counts. The Twins just played 12 innings last night, after all. Would've been nice if A-Rod had cashed in Jeet in the first, but it was encouraging that he hit the ball well.

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