Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Yanks-Twins game 1, post 7

Top 7:

CC. So good. I've read some who suggest the Yanks have pitching issues, but when this guy can throw multiple starts in any series this fall, I'd say they're in good shape.

I'd love to see Girardi let him finish this inning, but there's no reason to let it get hairy, either. Cannot let the tying run come to the plate.

Posada's work behind the plate tonight has been an adventure. Good block, but then...what happened?

Nice throw from Swisher on Span's fly ball. Even nicer cheer from the Bronx faithful as CC leaves the game.

Here comes Hughesy.

I like Hughesy's approach to OC: climb the ladder, go 95 in his eyes, but he's gotta drop the hammer. (Phil Coke warming...Nick Turturro is dying right now.) Full count...CAN'T let Mauer come to the plate here. C'mon Phil! TAKE THAT! Done.

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